Paper X (Issue 2) - Megazine launch + (PX2 the movie)

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Paper X (Issue 2) - Megazine launch + (PX2 the movie)

Post by Lynne » Mon Nov 09, 2009 9:53 pm

Paper X (Issue 2) - Megazine launch + (PX2 the movie)

The Bowery Thursday 12th of November 2009 7-9pm @ the Roxy Art house, 2 Roxburgh place Edinburgh

Paper X is a unique platform for artists and writers to showcase their work to new audiences. This issue represents 16 writers and 69 artists, locally, nationally, and internationally. Discover for yourselves the latest new creative talents who hail from a variety of different backgrounds. The key aim of Paper X is to celebrate the creative spirit and share new ideas. We welcome submissions from anyone and everyone.

So whats new ?

The 3 new Paper X directories. contain a real mix of works - this means more work gets in, its like 3 mini group shows. Also the directories give an overall flavour of what has been sent in.

Plus there is an extended writers platform with some fantastic pieces including Catherine Paytons Moustaches, Gemma Nelsons Ecstasy Stacy, Oli Higham - Am I of sound mind, and Chirly and Chancer the talking fish, and many more.

This issue will be looking at the Ego and sort of explains how it actually works. Read the Ego Manual for more. Plus, free inside, your very own death mask template by Ink and Mess. also Paper X asks “what kind of artist are you?”, with some flippantly hilarious results.

The BUY MORE ART !!! Campaign starts here. It’s as plain as that, support grass roots art, invest into the future of your culture

PX2 the movie

come along to the launch for an exclusive screening of “Paper X the Movie”; a hilarious spy, action, interdimensional spoof (set sometime in the future). “Your mission is to recover the last copy of Paper X, 2”. Meet the characters Agent Dangerzone, and Snakefist, as they encounter the enigma that is Grand Master X.

For more information check out the facebook group ... 086&ref=mf

To pre order your copy visit

Thank you

Sandy Christie
@Paper X

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