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Post by Lynne » Mon Nov 30, 2009 2:37 pm

FOXGANG on Glasgow Main Square please give us your VOTES

Alreet people!
I say people cos that's what Foxgang need People Power!
All you have to do is click on the below link and cast your VOTE. It's really easy!!
Foxgang usually don't do competitions but this one doesn't include silly panels humiliating green teen-groups for writing the best songs they a capable of NO!
We are after you to vote for us to play Glasgow main Square (George Square) with Tomy Reilly and TBC, but I heard it was Snow Patrol, infront of a 10,000 strong crowd on New Years Eve. Even if you can't make it It'll be on TV and Internet so just get Voting.
Follow the link and we'll love ya forever!
We played george square last night as part of King TUTs Wah Wah Hut introducing showcase and now they have opened us to the public.
Oh, you have less than a week to cast you vote. VOTING CLOSES WED 3RD OF DECEMBER!!
Many thanks.
FG x
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Hey if you could spare the time to send this round your mailling list and facebook etc. and generally do what you do best i.e. calling people into action. We'd be very greatful.

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