Free Market - Sunday 7th March 2pm

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Free Market - Sunday 7th March 2pm

Post by Hannah » Wed Mar 03, 2010 5:56 pm

The Free Market - this Sunday afternoon from 2pm upstairs in the hall!

Come to an afternoon market where everything is free!
Bring along any unwanted but working stuff to donate to others, then look around and see if there is anything you want.
We'll have labels so if any item has an interesting story you can write it down and let the new owner know. We'll have tea, models and music - so drop by!

You can drop and label your things in the Forest from now on, just ask in the cafe!

The Forest organizes this event with Flocklocal (The new website for casual volunteering, ), and Freegle (The site for passing on unwanted goods, ).

If you'd like to help with the Free Shop, turn up this sunday or drop any donations at The Forest Cafe in advance.
Fancy being a clothes model? Pick something out and parade it round the hall, and try to get someone to quite literally take the shirt off your back. Or do a reading in the book corner to promote your favourite book. Or just hang round and encourage people to write labels on their donations telling the new owner it's story! DJ with the donations, join the knitting corner or fulfil your dodgy salesman dream of donning a long coat, sidling up to people and whispering "Psst, want a watch? It's free ..."

It's going to be great, but it won't happen without your help. Donate anything you can, spend some time helping us out (turn up an hour early to help set up), or just spread the word. See you there ...

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Re: Free Market - Sunday 7th March 2pm

Post by amelia » Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:52 am

This is so cool, I wish there was something like that here as I am doing an amazing clear out & giving it to the 'Make a Difference' fundraising ventures & op shops. I am using the guidelines as found in a little book, 'Clear Your Clutter,' author's name escapes me, sorry:

1.Do I need it?
2.Do I love it?
3.Does it lift my energy?

If it can't get a definite "yes" for any of these, then it goes!!

I really recommend this clutter clearing, someone said she was amazed how she could get more energy from giving something away, than she did when she received it, and it is totally what I am experiencing. I just wish I could add it to this free market! :) I feel completely in agreement that it makes space inside us also, inside our awareness and psyche as well as what is outside of our conscious awareness. You gotta try it!! Free yourself 8)

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