Forest free-fair

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Will Golding
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Forest free-fair

Post by Will Golding » Tue Mar 30, 2010 11:44 pm

Getting rid of something you don't need anymore? What can you do with all those old inner tubes? Can you make anything into an instrument? How do you make cobweb felt? Is sculpture been used as a political tool? When was the first adolescent revolution? What Is through the looking glass?

We are looking for people who might like to share a craft skill, or idea, or exposition, or their time, or invent a new game out of old materials - in whatever genre or capacity.

Following on from last months superb Forest Free-Market The Forest Cafe will be running a Free-fair over the Forest Fundraiser weekend, on Sunday 25th April from 2-5. In conjunction with the Forest folk, Flocklocal, Food Not Bombs, Freegle and 'One Man's Junk' Craft Workshop we hope to have an afternoon celebrating all things free, and encouraging skill-sharing and swapping. We hope to have a freeshop and free market area with music and entertainment as before, free food possibly provided by Food Not Bombs, craft demonstration tables, particularly for recycled arts and crafts and sculptural work as a 'make your own craft' area, games, and an area for free knowledge - with free talks and discussions on the most diverse and imaginative areas you can want to try.

It is an amazing opportunity to share old unwanted items, skills and ideas with many other people, but needs all of you to donate and help. If you would like to help run the freemarket, help setup or take stuff down, parade as a model, dj for the day, run a crafts workshop, decorate, give a talk on anything, donate some craft work, act as a giveaway salesman, or whatever you would like to do then please let us know. WE could also do with people asking at charity shops or any shops that might be giving things away that could be re-used by someone else. Equally, let us know any ideas or suggestions you might have for the event.

Hopefully see you soon then and keep it free,

Will and Hannah

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