Weekly programme 26th April - 2nd May

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Weekly programme 26th April - 2nd May

Post by Catalina » Sun Apr 25, 2010 4:23 pm

Post-Blender week? So what? We've still got lots of good stuff for you: performances, films, art, workshops... you name it. It's all happenning at the Forest!

Monday 26th April
7-8.30pm Cashflow Fiasco
Post punk mayhem. Spin around, then Extinguish and learn
9-close Film Night

Wednesday 28th April
7-8pm Gramophone Hour
78’s from 7 to 8
9-close The Dirty Lies
Indie / Punk / Japanese Pop - hard, raw beats with sophistication and melody

Thursday 29th April
7pm-close 15 minutes
An evening of ambient, fond sounds and beats

Friday 30th April
7pm-close Tape Recorder
Presents Folckotronica Loops
shoe gazy party blaps and glitchy warbly wamp wamp

Saturday 1st May
7-8.30pm JEM
Inspired mix of classical, Indian folk music, with sax, cello, guitar and smooth vocals
8pm-close Lithium Baby

Sunday 2nd May
1-5pm Free Shop
Have some, bring some, donate some and enjoy the rest over a cup of tea in the café!
9-close Aviators and Luz da Lua
Back at the Forest by request, the smooth Luz da Lua sound will win your hearts with a violin, a cello, guitar and piano.

19th April- 2nd May
Please Assume the Crash Position
Paintings by Brian Cheeswright

Old Hat books
Free Radical Book & Hat Library
Mondays - Wednesdays – Saturdays: 4pm – 8pm


All workshops are FREE and open to everybody. Share skills – create a workshop. Contact: workshops@theforest.org.uk

Mon, 11-12am: Chi Kung lesson (Hall)
Mon, 12-1pm: Self Defense (beginners) (Hall)
Tue, 7-9.30pm: Forest Choir (Hall)
Wed, 2pm: Gaelic workshop (Cafe)
Wed, 7pm: English Lessons Beginners (Action Room)
Wed, 8.30pm: English Lessons Intermediate (Action Room)
Thu, 11-12am: Chi Kung lesson (Hall)
Fri, 5-6pm: Self Defence for beginners (Hal
Son, 1-4pm: A Scrappage Salvage (Hall)
Sun, 7.30pm: Forest Drama Group (Hall)
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