Forest Free-School at the Meadows Festival

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Will Golding
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Forest Free-School at the Meadows Festival

Post by Will Golding » Sat May 08, 2010 9:21 pm

Hello one and all,

The fine and fair Meadows festival is soon to be upon us, and thus the chance to get out of cavernous studies and into the open to share our winters work, thoughts and practices. As a follow on from last months 'Free-fair' the Forest, and in conjunction with Flocklocal and 'One Man's Junk' we would like to host a free-school and accompanying free-market in one of the Forest Cafe's tents. We will have 1 hour slots for people to come to give a workshop or demonstration around any craft, skills or games they have hidden in their pouch. To coincide with Scotland's 1st 'Pass-it-on' day on Saturday we would like to have workshops specifically themed around crafts where participants can make something themselves and take it home to give to someone or pass-it-on.

We seem to learn best by teaching, so why not try and share one of your passionate obsessions with others, or even try teaching something completely new you have never tried before (at least that why you can empathize easily with any participants).

There are a limited number of slots to do workshops so please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested, what day and time you can do, and what general, or specific, theme you would like to unleash on the meadows.

Also, I am not sure if you are aware of the recycled arts and crafts workshop that runs on Sundays at the Forest (1-4) but we are hoping to develop this as a series of extended one-off craft sessions with different themes or guest workshop leaders. This would be a way to tryout running a craft based workshop for a longer period than an hour, or an opportunity to develop on a something you try out at the meadows festival, or a chance for older crafters and artisans who have unique or distinct craft skills and practices that they could pass on to the younger generation. We hope then that the 'free-school' could develop into this and become a regular weekly event.

Next week there will be a mapdrawing and map-designing session for developing an 'Emotional Guide to Edinburgh' (, and the following week will be a guest crafter from Dunfermiline who has spent much of his life developing miniature trains and trainsets and small dioramas from recycled materials. Please email us if you would like to host one of these sessions or know someone that might. I can help with the sourcing of materials and whatever else might be needed too.

For now, happy crafting,

Will Golding -
Hannah Goeppert -

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