Bonfire in Blackford Hill this Wednesday night (tomorrow!)

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Bonfire in Blackford Hill this Wednesday night (tomorrow!)

Post by Rodeta (Neus) » Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:57 pm

Hello Everybody!
Yesterday night I had a bonfire in Blackford Hill (not the quarry) with a friend and it was sooo nice!
I'm going to have another tomorrow (Wednesday) night, so please come along from 10ish, or 11ish onwards. And tell everybody to come along as well!

It's a very lovely patch, with a safe place for the bonfire, loads of grass, even a banch a bit further away! So we can play rachard screw-driver in the dark, sing with the guitar, drink happy things, play twister (I got one from a Free shop!). And if people are still around at 4am we can go to the top of the hill to watch the sunrise (or the light coming through the clouds)!

It's very easy to get there. Just go to the gate entrance nearby the pond. Turn right. And follow the first stairs you see straight up (don't turn left, which is the path that would take you to the top of Blackford Hill).

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