Visual Arts 26/03/2009

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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Visual Arts 26/03/2009

Post by stephengoodall » Thu Mar 26, 2009 9:57 pm

Present: Martin, Simone, Tove, Mirja, Stephen

Front of House

Tove- introductions, main duties as FOH coordinator.

How to manage FOH within VA meeting as not everyone is interested in both parts.

Split meeting- might be difficult to have 2 meetings in the same meeting, some people would like to contribute to both.

All in one meeting- AP fatigue and boring for both groups as non pertinent matters will need to be discussed.

FOH stuff should have separate meetings and focus should be on action days. To make the building exciting and looking great.

First meeting to discuss stuff on Sunday 05/04/2009 10am

Tove to post details to BB

Tables- repaint tables, keep some, get folk who are interested to make new designs
chairs- free chairs available, Tove to look into to see if still available and good.

Funding Opportunity

Stephen sent round the draft for the app, please have a look and make suggestions.
AP- martin to look out images for application.
AP- Simone to ask Emi about any images she has of previous shows.

Mirja has a list of funding opportunities.

AP Stephen to look into the list as see if there is anything suitable.

3/4 Week Shows

From September we will have a combination of 2 week and 4 week shows.

Group Show

We will do the floor by chipping in for varnish prior to TK16 then have the group show.


Lost momentum a bit because of circumstances- will now look into making 2 shows per poster in black and white.


The next meeting will be purely submissions for empty slot, festival and beyond, gallery calendar updated with suitcase show booked into final festival week.
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