Behind the Scenes, 23rd July 2009

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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Behind the Scenes, 23rd July 2009

Post by neil » Fri Jul 24, 2009 10:54 am

Milk, Hannah, Anna, Neil

1. New freeshop
2. Shop box office
3. Other shop stuff
4. General web stuff

1. New freeshop
How is the new freeshop working out?
Good, but stuff is still being left at random times. People are pissed off when told they can't leave their stuff. Probably they end up throwing it away. We need to get the word out about the new system. Publicity overkill. Anna will make poster and seek to get the words out on facebook, email, bb, twitter etc.
Sunday is good day for it. Is usually 2-5 pm, but people can start leaving stuff from opening time on Sunday.

2. Shop box office
Shop is looking good but barely any customers. Hannah suggests doing more box office like we do for Beltane. She contacted some clubs and a guy called David from the Ark got interested. He want to sell tickets for Ark events through us. Events are 6-8 pounds and advance tickets currently only sold. The Ark will put forest shop info on their website. We will be expected to do some advertising with flyers and on the sandwich board. Peoples think the Ark is cool and good peeps to do business with. We would get 50p booking fee per ticket. The Bowery is also interested in taking this up. All present thinking this is good idea cos it will boost income for the shop and raise awareness, possibly lead to more artwork sales and maybe also make shop staff less bored. It also good to offer alternative to Ticketweb & Ticketmaster who are not much liked.
Hannah is going to get this set up in the next week.

3. Other shop stuff
Coffee & chocolate selling well.
More food might be good. Specialist, local vibe is good. Stuff that is somehow special, for gifts etc

Need to get shop web page going. Hannah into it. Milk will get her started on how to do it. Online sales should be focused on small number of key items that we want to sell and promote. Anna suggests forest vinyl, Golden Hour Books, Stolen Stories, latest chapbook. Try to keep online shop to about 4 or 5 items for now as it is a complicated endeavor.

Free audio downloads also good for web. Neil & Milk on this

4. General web stuff
News section separate from events, which are on the right.
Events shows about 10 posters on front page

Blogs could be problematic and should only be done by authorised peeps.

Collective pages not current enough. Needs a more 2.0 system. Neil wants to maintain a linkblog. Links to webpages of forest artists could be integrated into this for the time being. Content less likely to be outdated

Front page news permissions need tweaking. Milk on it.

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Re: Behind the Scenes, 23rd July 2009

Post by Emma » Mon Jul 27, 2009 3:52 pm

I love the box office idea! Beltane was great for boosting shop presence/sales and we did get a fair bit of commission too. Every penny helps at the moment.

Hannah/Anna - I'm sure that you have this well in hand but can we have a chat through your plans for keeping track of commission and sales? This will need to be done separately from the shop takings. Very important we don't lose tickets as I imagine we have to pay for them! Lynne and I also have to record these through the accounts so need you to pass us information on sales.


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