Minutes: Visual Arts Working group, 26/11/09

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Minutes: Visual Arts Working group, 26/11/09

Post by michaelbowdidge » Thu Nov 26, 2009 8:22 pm

Minutes: Visual Arts Working group, 26/11/09

In attendance: Martin, Mike, Simone. Apologies: Stephen, Mirja.

Festival slots: we decided to run with 3 approximately 2 week slots. Dates are suggested as follows with Bernard Szajner provisionally booked for the middle slot. APs: Simone to email Mirja, and Mirja to confirm dates with Bernard.

29th July - 7th August 2010 tk36

9th July - 21st August 2010 tk37 - Bernard Szajner (Mirja)

22nd August - 5th September 2010 tk38

Note: Art Late – Thursday 26 August

Next meeting: Thursday 10th December. Please let us know if you can make it asap. Simone to book action room, to be discussed: filling remaining two festival slots/ going through submissions.

AP: Simone will take over festival email link. We need some brave person to take responsibility for festival promotion. Any takers?

Reminder: Toby Lloyd posters are about to be put up if you have time and can think of useful places to put them.

Blinds are now up on gallery doors and look excellent - thanks Simone. AP: Martin to put note on NM board re. closing instruction.

AP: Paul Matosic: his show needs to come down Sunday am as Toby Lloyd is coming into set up Sunday lunchtime. Can anyone give Mike a hand with packing this/getting rid of it sunday am from 10 onwards?
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