EVS meeting-8th of Feb. 2011

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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EVS meeting-8th of Feb. 2011

Post by arizoniandreamer » Thu Feb 10, 2011 4:26 pm

EVS Meeting Minutes – 8th of February

Mira -- personal project sound
This week:
- not so many events so not busy
- when there are events she calls other people to cover
- found sound engineer for golden hour, tonight and tomorrow

Next week:
- induction for new sound engineers
- filmmaking competition+workshop organization
- problems with professional experience – unable her to work sometimes

Plans for the fundraiser on the 3rd of March:
- body painting
- design, screen printed stuff to sell
- fabric-fashion show
- !think about how to get involved with the fundraiser!

Birgit –events and promotion
This week:
- answering e-mails
- update the calendar on the website
- explain the artists how things work at the forest (booking etc.)
- meeting with Ryan (project superviser)

Next week:
- bands: do they get food or not? ->ask on the bb
- try to be at as many gigs as it’s possible, personal connections
- to concern: is it useful to have workingroup for events? to make sure that everyone is coming to the meeting, organize them will bring more admin work? less time for personal projects
- hard to work without having internet access…> make automatic reply for e-mails

Gaia – volunteer coordination:
This week:
- regular things
- volunteer induction

Next week:
- go through all the application forms from the last few years
- call the the admin girl, she could help out with the work
- organize the next night-manger training (at the end of the next week)
- organise volunteer party, find a date, how big should it be, everyone is very busy in February: maybe have a small one this month and a bigger one in March?

Kata – front of house

Last week:
- film festival--fundraiser meetings
- busy with film festival (answering e-mails, preparing flyers, action sheet, updating blog)
- did publicity and promotion for fundraiser

Next week:
- back to front of house stuff (email volunteers who want to do front of house, a list of things she wants to get done)
- working on agenda for fundraising campaign strategy meeting
- installation for fundraiser with TVs
- other meetings regarding the fundraiser
- set up the actual program more or less

Induction for new volunteers:
- making your own schedule
- having a mentor
- sit down with Shannon next week before the next EVS meeting
- money: 2x110

Personal projects:
Alba – Front of House, English – Mentor: Alex, P.S: someone from TK

Birgit –Events and promotion + get involved with the screen printing - Mentor: Jamie, P.S: Ryan

Kata - Help Alba to do Front of House, promotion, workshops admin,
Films at the Forest – Mentor: Cornelia, P.S: Chris

Mira – Sound, P.S: Shannon

Lien – Artist facilities: Sound, Screen printing, Dark Room. – Mentor: Alex, P.S: Brittonie

Gaia – Volunteer coordination, Forest Publication P.S: Scoutt

From now, EVS meeting is on every Tuesday, next meeting: 15th of Feb, 5pm….

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