forest fundraiser at pilrig st pauls needs you!

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forest fundraiser at pilrig st pauls needs you!

Post by margotblacksheep » Wed Nov 24, 2010 5:56 am

hello all,

i am holding a forest fundraiser at pilrig st pauls on december 3rd. hailey beavis, finn andrews, william douglas and black diamond express will be playing amongst others who i am still trying to book (frantically i may add).
on this fundraiser evening i am looking for ways to raise more money than ticket sales:
i am looking to to have stalls that will sell forest industries like forest records, forpub, any thing we sell in the shop
to have a raffle of lush stuff, cafe stuff, services, whatnot

however, i need some help. i am wondering if anyone is up for helping out with any part of this either the a) organizing or b) to be around on the night- to (wo)man a stall, to take tickets, sell raffle tickets etc.

i am also wondering if the cafe would be able to have any baked goods for sale?

i was really keen in it's inception to have things like a bake sale and stuff like that but i'm running dangerously low on time at the moment. however, if anyone has any grand ideas like doing a bake sale or painting a banner, please let me know. anything, guys. really.

let me know,

(i keep forgetting to check the forum)

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Re: forest fundraiser at pilrig st pauls needs you!

Post by boletes » Wed Nov 24, 2010 4:17 pm

i'd play it if its possible? :p

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