Someone looking for a nice flatmate?

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Someone looking for a nice flatmate?

Post by Kahanamoku » Mon Apr 11, 2011 6:50 pm


my name is Sebastian and I've never been to Edinburgh ;) So I dunno The Forest nor anything in Scotland. But I came across the project and got into contact with some of you and it seems to me as if I found a real cool place in the city without having been there.

So my problem is the following: I will start a Master on Environmental and Outdoor Education in Edinburgh in September. Soo...I'm looking for a flat. I know it's hard to do that from the distance and probably September is not the best time of the year to look for a flat. So I wanted to start early with my search.

What am I looking for...well.
...something not too far from the university.
...nice flatmates that not only live in the same flat, but live together and share things.
...Of course, something which is not too expensive.
Actually I'm not too demanding, the most important thing is who you live with, I think.

That's why probably you wanna know a bit about me. One year ago I finished my Bachelor on Environmental and Resource Management in the rather small city of Cottbus in Germany. At the moment I'm working in Spain in an environmental education project. In the last year I got particularly interested in issues of food, the problems of its production and things like this. I also became vegetarian because of that, even though I sometime do exceptions when I know where the meat comes from and if it has been produced in non-industrial and environmental-friendly way.
I'm also interested in photography and other digital arts (if you want, check out my webalbums: and
That's why I really like the idea of the Forest and I'm pretty eager to participate somehow.

I guess, for a first impression that's enough. I hope someone can help me with my search. If you have any questions, please contact me. Hopefully I will be able to come to Edinburgh some days in August in order to get to know people, find a flat and also a job.

Thanks, cheers and see you soon!

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