The workshop room

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The workshop room

Post by alba » Thu May 05, 2011 12:07 am

I wanted to ask if anyone knows where we can buy cheap barnish pots and large.

We should do something with the workshop room. Space is very limited there, i now is the light shield, and one of the tables in the bar, I'm working on this table. There are many objects throughout the room, and little space for people to access the dark room.

I would like to comment too, I'm very happy to see that all of us, we are using material that is in this room: brushes, paints, turpentine ... But for the same reason, we all have to be more careful with this material. Are disappearing cutters, adhesive tape, scissors, brushes and a few brushes that are, are dirty, filled with dried paint, and can't be reused. Someone tried to clean one of the brushes with turpentine, but got the brush inside the bottle of turpentine and now this turpentine is too dirty to clean other brushes ... If everyone has a little more care, we can all use the material without problems and without having to buy new material. :D

Health and smiles!

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