Music Gear (cross-posted)

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Music Gear (cross-posted)

Post by HGiles » Mon May 09, 2011 5:31 pm

[Also in the facilities board]

Dear World of Forest,

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Daniella, Steve and I spent a couple of hours today auditing the music gear in Forest. We now know what is in the building, and what we need to get everything running again.

There are four music-making spaces in Forest: the hall, the café, the Cave, and Cave 2. Each of these should have a full PA, a full drum kit, two guitar amps, a bass amp, and two vocal mics with stands.

Currently, the Cave and Cave 2 have all this equipment. It is really important that it stays there: DO NOT MOVE EQuIPMENT FROM THE CAVE. Partly because people pay for those rooms, and so shouldn't have to spend time hunting for equipment; partly because it's too much work for me to check the Caves every day to restock them (which is what I have had to be doing); partly because some of the equipment is borrowed and is harder to look after if it's spread throughout the building; and partly because if the Caves get a bad reputation we won't make money from them, and it's money we sorely need.

Currently, the hall and the café are missing some equipment, which we don't currently have:
- The café needs a snare and a hi tom
- Both spaces need a crash cymbal
- The café needs a guitar amp and a bass amp
- The hall needs a guitar amp
- Ideally, both spaces should have a working DI box

Also, the snare in the hall needs mending, as does the bass drum in the Cave. Steve and Daniella are on this.

Until we get that missing equipment, you should warn people booking events to check the state of the equipment and bring extras they need. You SHOULD NOT TAKE EQUIPMENT FROM THE CAVES to supplement the hall and café. We're just going to be a bit under-stocked there for a week or so.

- Do you have any of the spare equipment we need, and are you willing to donate/lend it to Forest?
- Are you good at repairing/maintaining drum kits? They all need looking after, and a day of maintenance would be much appreciated. We would reward you with food.
- Are you good at testing amps? At the moment we divided amps a bit by instinct. It would be good to ensure that we divided up the decent amps evenly, and labelled them accordingly.

Thanks, Forest. You rock.

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