cave minutes 8 Dec

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cave minutes 8 Dec

Post by chris » Mon Dec 11, 2006 2:22 pm

present: gareth, james, danny, pete, chris

previous actions:

pete and chandra: will alternate cleaning the cave, in
exchange for free use. this is a short term solution. - still holds.

gareth and pete: will take a inventory of everything in
the cave and clearly label all forest things. the inventory will go on the
wall. - still to do.

chris: will put in a clearly labelled box for microphones,
and broken things. these will be attached to the wall. he will also consider
possible infrastructure changes. - done

gareth: will talk to pogo about maybe using an online
calender booking system for the cave, similar to his one for the church hall. - chris is now looking into this - its looking good.

actions are in red


1. booking system
2. quiet events problem
3. decorating
4. equipment
5. cleaning
6. rubbish+kit
7. next meeting first Friday in January.

1. agreed that an internet booking system would be much better, concerns over block booking and bands being too noisy were voiced. various things were decided:
* peak (6pm- midnight) and off peak time zones will be created.
* different prices peak=£8ph, off=£5ph.
* these will be the new prices from jan 1st.
* block booking only possible for off peak.
* established teamsters will geta certain amount of free use, we need to think about how much etc. but something along the lines of lots of off peak or a little peak...
* computer system would be good, but will need to be easily controllable.
* new cave users will have to come to a working group meeting first (if this isnt possible they must arrange a meeting with a teamster in the working group)

2. sound of cave getting into main room is a problem. additional sound proofing must be investigated. Chris to investigate

3. gareth and danny will consider redecorating the cave

4. gareth and pete will take an inventory of all the equipment and clearly label everything. Chris will email robin asking him for a list of all forest equipment and if he knows who some of the random stuff belongs to (ie. the white drum kit and the laney bass amp)

5. pete gareth and danny(?) will all pop in from time to time to throw out rubbish, tidy up and vacuum.

* pete will look at the broken guitars and see about getting them repaired.

* gareth to make posters for new price changes.
pete to tell people phoneing up about the new prices.

6. as above.

7. we will try and have fornightly reqular meetings the first one being 5pm friday 5th january 2007.
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