Loud Noises...

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Loud Noises...

Post by ravanwin » Tue Apr 10, 2007 4:49 pm

Hi all,

I hate to start this debate again but, as an events organizer at the Forest, I feel that the cave can be quite a liability to our main function of providing a good performance space for artists.

Not only does the sound tend to bleed through the floor BUT often troops of bands will walk straight through other musicians performances making noise with all their gear.

I feel we should discuss ways to encourage mutual respect between the forest performers and the forest cave users.

Firstly, perhaps we have enough interest in the cave to make it so that loud rehershals stop at 7pm. Perhaps there should be a standing note to bands that they should reherse quieter unless absoloutly necessary. Perhaps really loud performers shouldn't be using the cave at all? These are just ideas and not a slight to any particular user of the cave. As a non-musician I'm not really sure what the need for playing loudly is but perhaps it is not always called for? Will better sound proofing help?

Secondly, the events and promotion people need some help. As the forest kit goes up and down along with leads, mics and mic stands and speakers etc. it is really important to make sure events can take place usptairs with minimal hassel. It would be excellent if cave users and moderators can help the events crew out by checking on the state of the performing equiptment on a regular basis. Right now the stage area looks a complete mess..... help, please.

that's all. Sorry if this seems like a whinge. It isn't, i just want to get people thinking about these issues as they have been adressed to me recently.

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Post by beev » Wed Apr 11, 2007 9:06 am

Unfortunately, I think one of the main reasons people rent rehearsal space is so they can make a lot of noise. Otherwise, they would just practice in their mum's house.

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Post by Andrew » Wed Apr 11, 2007 9:28 am

well, we have taken some steps already to imrove the sound proofing.

about bands walking through concerts... I don't see how we can change much of that other than ask bands to be considerate (moving equipment does tend to make some noise).

asking bands to be quiet after 7pm seems a bit ridiculous to me. Also, if the forest does want to use the cave for some income or in fact if the cave is to survive at all, bands need to be able to rehearse there as they can in other places or they will leave.

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Post by swithun » Wed Apr 11, 2007 10:32 am

The new sound proofing works about as well as the old sound proofing, to my ears.

If lots of people want to get down to the Cave, one person could pop through the cafe, open the back door and let everyone and their equipment in through there. It is probably easier than fighting through the customers and chairs, and most bands seem to leave this way anyway.

I like it to be nice and quiet on Film Night, and on the whole, bands aren't too loud on Mondays. Could we suggest that quiet events favour certain evenings, and then ask the loudest bands to favour other evenings for rehearsals? No one has exclusive use of the Forest any time they want, so the quiet events and loud rehearsals should work out how not to clash. 2-3 evenings a week aren't much for the Cave to be closed to very loud bands.

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Post by nospoons » Wed Apr 11, 2007 12:38 pm

Im no sure at what point bands become too loud, its pretty hard to define, and things that dont necessary sound that loud in the cave can sound pretty loud upstairs. How about doing whats happened a few times and just stick a booking in the cave when quiet events are planned? I cant agree more with whats been said above about bands using rehearsal spaces so they can be loud and stopping fully or at 7pm would be daft and exclude anyone from using the facility most of the time if they work, study etc, but there should be respect for all users of the facilities at the forest

The sound proofing is only at stage one, we now need to start doing something with the ceiling (room inside a room etc), if any one reading this has any speciel knowledge of sound proofing please give us a shout.

A large note saying something along the lines of; "Hoy, close both fudding doors ya bas" on the doors to the cave may help as well, as many (me included) have a habbit of not closing them when we go to the bog

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Post by ravanwin » Wed Apr 11, 2007 2:52 pm

can the Cave WG draft a little letter to users that says, "while we appreciate your bussiness... the forest is a multi-function space, please be considerate of other performers who may be playing above you, further, if you seemed to have booked on a night when there is a deadly quiet event please try to keep extrenuous loud noises to a minimum." and hope respect and consideration will prevail.

I look forward to stage two of the sound proofing. I believe this is very important.
I will try to book the cave for quiet nights... but can someone fill in wednesdays and mondays INDEFINATELY... please.

Also, we haven't touched on the other point: which is forest events equiptment is in disarray and it would be good if we had a knowledgeable cave person working with events to ensure that all the gear is working well and in the appropriate places as much as possible.



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Post by TheCross » Wed Apr 11, 2007 6:00 pm

On the point of people dragging all of their gear through the room while events are happening. There is no reason why one person can not go through (with no gear) open the church doors, and then bring all the gear through that way.

As for the sound proofing. The bulk of the sound is coming through the floor, a second/false ceiling is what needs to be done. If you fix 2x4 framing to the existing ceiling, screw up plasterboard (perhaps 2 layers, even 3!), plaster it all up and perhaps it might make some difference. Plasterboard is dense, which is what is required.

As for doing it... I dont really have the time.


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