Forest Music

Action room, screen printing, darkroom, Bristo Hall, Cave, AV equipment
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Forest Music

Post by danny » Sun Aug 12, 2007 4:44 am

If people could allow me some free time in the studio to develop performances with people that would be AMAZING! I guess it's kind of like we're asking for a record company advance that we'll pay back once we get cash from the gigs, the, c.d.'s, the T-shirts, the books of the films, the designer bum-bags etc.
I'd like to see Forest Music grow to become a self-funding entity like Forest itself. In my sweet dreams I see ALL the ARTS develop into self-funding non-profitmaking entities like Forest. Independant but still interconnected. New branches of the Forest growing out into new venues, Let's serve up a feast of food for though on the menu!

We'll play out on the street, parties, the meadows, your house, my house, everybody's house at the Forest Cafe, upstairs, downstairs, out the back stairs, in the kitchen,

We'll celebrate and we'll collaborate, our own free nation state

We will spread the word about the magic and the madness that happens here. There. Anywhere. Everywhere.
We sow the seeds of

The Grass Roots Moovement from the
Sound resounding deep down underground the Forest Floor
up through the hallways and the infoseed doors!
Out to new cafe's, new clubs, new venues
Serving up our food for thought on the menu

We are wonderous waiters
Take a wee taster
whether you're straight laced or a spaced waster,
this place is your
Space to Express.


Somehow this doesn't really do this moovement justice, We have a Fuck Off Feast of Foof for thought, contorted in rhythmes and rhymes, beats and basslines, melodies and music infused with poems and pictures enrich yer spiritual nutrition. We are All on a mission.

Rap on the bb feels odd. Someone help me bring this to life..

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Post by swithun » Sun Aug 12, 2007 6:33 pm

We need workers in the kitchen
The work there is bitchen
Roll some burritos
Froth a fuckin cappuccino
Cos if the kitchen is closed
There won't be no studio.

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Your cappucino is frothing over

Post by danny » Sat Sep 08, 2007 3:47 pm

You are completely overlooking the earning capacity of selling c.d.'s that cost next to nothing to buy of creating performances that we can take outside of the Forest. Luckily I have some money now so I can pay for the cave time anyway and demonstrate what I mean in a more practical way ( assuming this place doesn't close first ).

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