photos needed!

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photos needed!

Post by ravanwin » Wed Feb 13, 2008 12:35 pm

To Whom it may concern,

I am writing to let you all know of an event ShelterSoc is holding in
conjunction with The Ark Trust in the coming weeks, for which we require

About the Cause

On Tuesday 4th March, we are holding a uni-wide day called 'Save the
Ark Day' to raise awareness and money for The Old Sailor's Ark, which you
may be aware was a homeless shelter and advice centre off the Royal
Mile closed down in June 2007 due to a severe lack of funding. Now, the
plan is that this June The Old Sailor's Ark will reopen alongside a
coffee shop on South Bridge, the coffee shop then acting as a sustainable
source of income which will support both establishments whilst also
training the homeless people who come off the streets to work in the cafe,
regain the vital skills they need to find jobs, and reintegrate back
into society. In order to do this, The Ark Trust - the funding body of
the whole project - are trying to raise £200,000. They are already
part way there - Groove Armada most notably helping out with a charity
gig planned for the coming New Year's Eve. Our day however - which will
involve lots of local musicians busking in George Square Gardens, talks
from various notable individuals from Streetwork, Shelter and other
homeless charities throughout Edinburgh, and the building of a shelter in
George Square, all culminating in our band night, MUSIC IN THE ARK, on
the evening - will hopefully help them some more and raise awareness
amongst students whilst simultaneously destigmatising the commonly held
prejudices and misconceptions of homelessness.

The Photography

Now as far as destigmatising these commonly held prejudices and
misconceptions about homeless goes, we have come up with the idea of taking
lots of shots of a wide range of people, all from businessmen on George
Street to Big Issue Sellers to students to old people to children to
mums and dads- basically everyone imagniable! - then tagging each photo
with the caption "HOMELESS?" or "IS THIS HOMELESSNESS?". We will then
print the images and mount them all around the Univeristy, as well as on
computer screen savers in all Univeristy Buildings. Thus if you were
to be involved, your work would be on display to the entire university,
in theory - and that can only be a good thing!

So if you do wish to be involved, please email back, or come along to
one of our meetings (ShelterSoc) held every Wednesday 7-8pm in Teviot

Thank you for your time.

Dan Mussett

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