Puppet Making Workshop on Sunday!! :)

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Puppet Making Workshop on Sunday!! :)

Post by mirka » Fri Nov 26, 2010 3:37 pm

Jessy and me decided to organize a puppet making workshop this Sunday from 12 till 4pm in the Front room or in the cafe.

Tell me how you like this idea: we make lots of silly and funny puppets and then sell them together with food as Forest souvenirs say for a couple of pounds. So our customers will be able to donate money and get something as a memory. We will attach hand made forest tags to all puppets :)

Say a burrito is 5.20, but with a Save The Forest Souvenir 7.20/8.20

So, anyone who can make (or cannot make) puppets is welcome.

Please bring your own materials: needls and threads especially. I guess the rest we will find in the freeshop. You may bring some beads for the eyes of the puppets :)

See you all on Sunday :):):)

PS: saying puppets I dont mean just human looking puppets :) any cute animals or aliens will be great too hehe

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