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Paul Matosic

Post by michaelbowdidge » Sun Aug 16, 2009 2:19 pm

I had this email and document through from Paul Matosic - he copied in Mirja too but i'm guessing she's pretty tied up in F-land at present. Is he scheduled for the second suitcase series? What do we think about this? Is he suitcase 02? i can't tell from the calender - no name there. Have copied in my initial reply at the end...

Paul's email:

Hi Mike,
this could either be very good or bloody awkward
I have just been invited to develop a project for a biennial in Brazil.
It is more or less the same as i would be doing with TK except that it will take the developing installation as a live stream to be projected in their space.
Okay you might say..
This too is in October.
I am hunting around for a space where I can develop the physical installation but need the equipment to film stream the digital stuff.
Also the whole thing is developed as a performative event over the period of the exhibition. 16th Oct to 28th November

How about I/we try to get ACE or scots equivalent to develop the whole thing with you, I know this is a big thing to ask but the benefits for TK could be large It might attract fairly good coverage.. etc. ... etc. I am guessing that this might be impossible as you will have scheduled the space for others but well its worth a shot.
Doing it this way would enable both events to take place simultaneously and I could be in EDB to work on the installation and ivigilate, guard valuable equipment.
As I say I am seeking all methods to get this one moving but as this is holiday season things are even slower than usual which is saying something as everything is more or less at a standstill as it is.
So get back to me ASAP and lets see how we can do this.
I attach my proposal

Virtual redundancy

First initiated in collaboration with the Thompson gallery Weston Mass USA in 2008. responding to the theme of Climate Change. my invite to contribute evolved from being on site ( a hypocritical carbon footprint) to the proposition of live streaming.

Projected project.

Make an installation here in the UK and send the images to the venue where they are projected . Working with an on going project Deconstructed New Technology, obsolete office equipment is dismantled and the components arranged across the floor of a space. The entire process is filmed from directly above, live streamed and projected onto the floor of the gallery. Taking advantage of the generic and global disposition, the same type of equipment is deconstructed by students in the gallery and these physical objects arranged around and or across the projected image; thus the virtual image is extended into the physical. In recognition of time zones live communications may be limited to just a few hours of the day To remedy this instructions about various ways of arranging the components are sent by e-mail and advise on how to disassemble the equipment is also given as reference material. During live streaming episodes feedback about the progress of the two halves of the installation is exchanged. This project is both performative and durational, interactive and sculptural, virtual and physical.
Throughout the event the dual installation projections will evolve and as each are being filmed this is archived. Should the work be selected for distribution the archived footage would be edited to create a two screen installation, ( which can be floor based. each showing the development of the installation. Physical additions of further deconstructed new technology is optional.
Should a suitable venue might not be available to coincide with the biennial an alternative strategy is for me to make a transformative installation in advance. recording the activity as it progresses. This footage will be rendered onto DVD (or hard disk) and sent to you for projection. This tactic also avoids a number of technical issues with regards live streaming. It also makes possible the option of me to be on site to create the installation.

Digital projector and computer with live streaming capability and storage capacity.
The projector to be above the installation area with a mirror set at 45O to enable the image to be projected onto the floor below.. A camera is likewise rigged up to take in the same area and its surroundings.

Around and across this projected image various items of redundant office equipment are placed.
These are deconstructed by volunteers.
A small tool kit to enable the deconstruction.

My reply:

Hi Paul,

Sorry for not getting back to your ealier - I've been away teaching and Mirja has had to go home for family reasons.

Have you booked a slot with us through Mirja? I'm asking as it's not on our calender at present, but I know she had mentioned something about us working with.

Do you need to change the dates? we are currently scheduled throughto december, so unless suitcase 2 on our calender is you it's probably a bit of a non-starter. What would the funding application be for? Just the equipment? how much would it cost? how would it be installed 'on the ceiling' and who by? Please bear in mind this is an uninvigliated space too.

Not sure how much we could help with that as we have no track record with SAC whatsoever. By all means go for it at your end, but I don't think we would have the time or expertise to initiate anything here (we're all just volunteers :)

Let me know what you think,

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Re: Paul Matosic

Post by simone » Mon Aug 17, 2009 3:18 pm

it doesn't really ring any bells with me, just wait for his reply i guess
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Re: Paul Matosic

Post by mirja » Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:35 am

hi all,

the suitcase 2 month has 2 shows, paul matosic and alissa kleist.
there is also a one week slot in the end of the october.
if we would go with this, we could offer 3 weeks to paul, the one week slot + 2 first weeks of suitcase 2.
Alissa might not want to move her show because it has to do with darwin and evolution and this is the 'darwin year' coming to an end. but i could also ask this just in case.
I can look into this though only next week, im back sunday,
and i will send a mail to paul.

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Re: Paul Matosic

Post by simone » Sun Aug 23, 2009 10:32 am

hi mirja
hope you're ok
are you around on monday then for the suitcase setting up? i'm away i'm afraid , hope it goes well
I saw two shooting stars last night, i wished on them, but they were only satellites.
is it wrong to wish on space hardware?
(Billy Bragg)

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