29th Nov, sound team meeting/minutes

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29th Nov, sound team meeting/minutes

Post by alexander » Mon Nov 30, 2009 3:36 pm

Here's the minutes. Cheers to everyone that came to the training earlier. I'll post up some links to more comprehensive material over the week. You can organise shadow shifts by contacting Julie or Ilaria, or by scribbling your name on the calendar (and be SURE to note that you're shadowing please!)

Sound Team Meeting 29 November

AP: Action Point

Present: Nix (facilitator), Alex (Minutes), Stephen, Julie, Sam, Eric, Owen


Equipment lists – labelled for each department
AP (Nix) to draft, send to Alex, Julie for checks lamination

Sound Team Rota

Bottom Liner
Duties: Organising Sound Team rota for nights, Responsibility for Equipment lists, Updating Sound Team personnel files
Provisionally Julie with Nix/Alex/etc helping out (technical assistance etc)

Proposal (Nix) Mid-January Electronics Repair Workshop (13th december, sunday)
AP (Nix) Contact Martin (Dorkbot Alba) re Workshop/Tools

Electronics Workshop for repair of Mackies/desks/cables

Nix – there is a drawer in the kitchen for Sound Team contacts/notes
AP (Julie): update and transfer to sound team drawer

AP (Alex): Buy some ****ing velcro!
AP (Nix): Investigate stage/PA power wiring (timer circuit/switch)
Sound Tech Team area upstairs in Balcony by lighting desk
Nix to propose balcony key for sound team at Artist Facility meeting

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