Artist Facilities Working Group meeting 9th September 2010

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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Artist Facilities Working Group meeting 9th September 2010

Post by gaia » Fri Sep 10, 2010 1:03 am

Present to the meeting: Nix (facilitator), Jessy, Alasdair, Julie, and apologies from Mike.

Studios: Nix promised the artists that studios would be up by 4/9 but they'll be cleared by tomorrow instead (Any help appreciated). Lots of stuff to be moved in the hall or somewhere (not the Action room). Nix will endeavour to have the studios cleared because studio n°1 (magda) and 3 (sara) are required for urgent use. N° 2 (Jamima), 4 (Nix) and 5 (Carmen) will be up for rent soon. Nix has a waiting list of 3 people which will be contacted soon. The price increase that was decided but not implemented is going to affect them.

Sound team: Jessy - we are missing mics. We have 5 out of 9 - Noe's using one. Nix - proposal: a&f wg to try and buy 2 new ones (45£ each). Ideally we need 9 mics.
Mysterious humming sound from the PA. AP for Jessy to get rid of dust in the amps by next month. 1 tweeter is busted - AP: ask Owen to look at it. Proposal: replace monitors. Might get new ones for free.

Cave: both marshall guitar amps might be broken from before the festival. AP for Jessy: speak to Owen. We have a new black curtain to dampen the sound thanks to amazing vollies. Drum kits: the festival has mashed the drums. Tom Drum is going to fix them next week. AP for Nix to make sure he does.

Screenprinting: NA

Forest Publishing: NA

Darkroom: will hopefully be ventilated and open from tuesday. Just waiting for the fan. More to follow. Brittonie+Lara cleaned it all and set it up. Brittonie will start doing workshops in it soon.

Tools/workshop: ok state. Work has been done on it recently. Will be sorted by the end of next week.

Pianos: baby grand piano in the hall needs legs fixed nicely. Could be tuned and repaired by the man who fixed the one in the foyer for 50£. We might then hire it to people for 10£/h and use it for jazz/classical music nights and it will pay for itself. Piano in the cave: we should get rid of it, it's not economic to repair.

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Re: Artist Facilities Working Group meeting 9th September 20

Post by Stephen » Fri Sep 10, 2010 1:50 am

About making the rooms pay some rent.
This works for cave currently but how to make the darkroom and silkscreen make some rental costs. this is important and doable at minimal costs to users.
Silkscreen needs sorting out to become a viable space and is probably close to this, i will try to make this happen as soon as possible and start figuring out a way to do inductions and charge for usage, materials/space time etc.
Also within this is forest records, if any one is interested in working towards grants we have a deadline of the beginning of October to apply for a possible 6k, would really appreciate help. Please pm by Monday if you want to lend a hand and all interested can sit down and start looking at these grants together.

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Re: Artist Facilities Working Group meeting 9th September 20

Post by chris » Sat Sep 11, 2010 9:05 am

i suggest we get rid of the baby grand piano as well. It will never hold its tuning in a room where the temperature changes so wildly. normally at forest pianos just go out of tune and get trashed, i dont see how this would be any different?
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Re: Artist Facilities Working Group meeting 9th September 20

Post by neil » Sat Sep 11, 2010 9:45 am

Yo Stevie, I'm up for helping with grants if poss....

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Re: Artist Facilities Working Group meeting 9th September 20

Post by nix » Fri Sep 17, 2010 2:18 am


Wow, it is nice in there. good fan, new paint. tidy.

Brittonie + Lara have joined the Darkroom team with amazing energy and enthusiasm! manythanks!

We are still experiencing troubles with the enlargers, Martin? can you help? anyone?

Below is a rough proposal for "Intro to Photography/Black and White Darkroom " an 8 week course we want to run! Please give feedback and help this happen.

they are also hoping to run "Alt. Darkroom Techniques"
Intro to Photography
Black and White Darkroom

To offer an introductory class in black and white photography over the course of eight weeks, with an exhibition of student work at the end of the course. By the end of the class students should be comfortable using a 35mm camera, loading, exposing and processing black and white film, handling chemistry, using an enlarger and controlling the exposure and contrast of their prints. Successful work will require out of workshop time to take pictures and make prints. Classes will be spent covering the aforementioned information in addition to a brief history of the medium, having group critiques and preparing work for an exhibition.
Week 1: Introduction to the darkroom: safety, materials and chemistry, using a 35mm
Week 2: Processing Film
Week 3: Introduction to the enlargers; photograms and contact sheets. Overview of establish
Week 4: Using the Enlarger; Printing, Individual Meetings throughout the class after
Week 5: Critique, looking at work of establishes photographers
Week 6: Work Day; troubleshooting, enlarging continued
Week 7: Work Day. Group discussion concerning exhibition, and methods of presentation
Week 8: In Class Printing time/help. Curate exhibition as a group

* Assignments will be given each class, and students are expected to shoot at least one roll of film a week, more is strongly encouraged

Materials Required (Provided by Students)
Camera: 35mm SLUR preferred, however we will work within limitations
Film: Ilford HIP is strongly recommended; and will be made available to purchase off of a bulk roll. Students will need at least 8 rolls of film.
Paper: Ilford MGIV VC FB 8x10 100 sheet is recommended
Negative Preservers
Binder and Notebook

Materials Necessary (before beginning)
At least 2 (ideally 3) working enlargers
*Light Bulb needs to be replaced in Durst and installed in Color Head, in addition to
any other repairs to this head
Drying Rack- materials necessary are wood, screws and screen; we are willing to build this
Secured chemistry storage
Basic shelving installed
* we are willing to install this but need wood, screws and brackets

Film Developer- (preferred) D76, 3.8L powder 6.72
Ilford Isofol 3, liquid makes 7.5 L 6.99
Xtol, 5L powder 7.96
Print Developer- Dektol, 5L Liquid, makes 50 L 16.99
Stop Bath Champion 1L Liquid, makes 11 L 3.49
Fix Kodak 15L fixer 16.17
Fixer Remover*- Kodak Hypoclear, Powder makes 19L 5.42
All prices are according to First Call Photographic
*Is not absolutely necessary, but in an ideal situation would be made available

Fees and Access
A lab fee of X pounds/ student will be required to cover the cost of chemistry. Each student will be granted 1 weekly developing and printing slot, additional slots will be available at a 25% off the regular rate (Y)

Y: rate of dark room which needs to be determined as the forest darkroom needs to have the chemicals covered, a surplus fund for new equipment and/or equipment repair in the future which would basically make the darkroom self sustaining and flourish.

there will be a
or another time if it suits more people.


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Re: Artist Facilities Working Group meeting 9th September 20

Post by brittonie » Fri Sep 17, 2010 11:19 am


If anyone comes across any screens for free please dropp them off in the workroom/darkroom with a note- would be rad! we're hoping to get the drying racks installed this weekend.

L& i can be there on tue for the meeting. I've got some lecture at 130 that day but i don't think it will run long, i may be later, or cut out early- but L will deff. be at forest on time.

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Re: Artist Facilities Working Group meeting 9th September 20

Post by brittonie » Fri Sep 17, 2010 11:24 am


L & i have some experience with screen printing and other printmaking type things, if you need any help with that Steven holler at us- even if it is just for cleaning and organizing.
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