minutes 2 feb

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minutes 2 feb

Post by chris » Sat Feb 10, 2007 10:56 am

present: mark, andrew, chris, scott, robin, juan
apologies: kev, pete

actions from last time:

1. we agreed to bring in the online booking system immediately. pete will inform everyone, there are simple instructions online
2. mark, andrew and pete are to become moderators of the forum, to help with the booking.
3. we agreed the booking rules, they can now be found at the top of the booking forum.
4. we discussed sound proofing - we will plan for it and close at some point brick up the back wall section, the hole and repaint.
5. we considered putting in an engineers room, but people didnt appear to want this, also concern about whether it would actually work - leave this idea for now, in future consult a good sound engineer to see if its practical
6. scott will check the cable and bring in some better ones
7. andrew and mark will clean the place up a bit and
8. we discussed the price increase which is due for review on the 1st of july. the reason for charging is to pay rent for the space, to cover the cost of repairs, to buy new equipment, to pay electricity, and to fund future improvements or plans for the space...
9. we consider discounts on cave use for working group peoples, but was agreed that that doesnt make sense until the new system is working properly and we understand all the money stuff..
10. we thought about storage... no solutions just yet..

thats it i think?

The next meeting is 6pm Friday 2nd March
Maybe it could work? But it will be a kaleidoscopic blend of mysterious shadows and rainbow hued-dreams seen through compassionate tears.

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