cave minutes 5/1/1990seventeen

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cave minutes 5/1/1990seventeen

Post by chris » Fri Jan 05, 2007 7:16 pm

present: mark, andrew, danny, chris, pete, kev

actions from last time:

*chris did consider soundproofing, thinks back wall should be bricked up as first priority.
*gareth and pete to take inventory of everything - not done due to holiday crazyness
*chris to email robin about forest stuff in cave - done, we now know what is ours.
*gareth and danny to consider redecorating - we decided to do this at the same time as a soundproofing revamp.
*pete, danny and gareth to clean and tidy-done
*pete to check into repairing broken guitars - he will do this now hes back from holiday
*gareth to make posters for new prices - done
*pete to tell people doing bookings about new prices - done and doing.

agenda: actions in red system
5.price increase
6.different responsibilites rules

1. we agreed this would be better. it is set up now, it is not perfect, but it is workable everyone must sign up and start playing with it, by doing pretend bookings.

we agreed to stick with the phone system until there is a very clear page on the website explaining how to book cave time..chris will write this and post it here for discussion

2. chris to get a soundproofing quote from a pro, and find out what they would do.

3. kev to call jake and get him to uplift his drum kit

4. bass amp, one of the wharfedales and one of the mackies all need repaired pete to get them done and taken to soundcontrol. we will then consider upgrading the bass amp, because it always breaks.

5. concern over the price increases was discussed, we decided to go with it and review it in 6 months. kev will make a poster expaining the reason for the price increases

6. pete has identified the following regular responsibilites, which we should divide up every meeting:

a. cleaning
b. sorting bookings out
c. sorting the money/accounting out
d. repairs
e. emergency phone contact

we agreed this will be much easier to divide up when the online booking system is in place.

7. we discussed various ideas for booking rules such as 'no more than 12 hours of prime time per month' etc. but failed to get it totally nailed... however mark and andrew will write a set of simple proposed rules and post it in the cave forum for our discussion

The next meeting is 6pm Friday 2nd February
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