workshops group meeting- minutes - Monday Jan 29

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workshops group meeting- minutes - Monday Jan 29

Post by ras » Wed Jan 31, 2007 11:51 pm

Monday Jan 29 at 20:45

Bruce Zander
Ras Babi

1/How the groups funtion?
2/Akasha Pagan Workshops

1/ we run free workshops...
2/ I will copy the email I have recieved

hi there

i'm afraid i've been an all too infrequent visitor to the forest
(mostly since it's opposite end of town from me) over the years - tend to be
in for beltane fire society gatherings.

whilst looking through your site i noticed postings with regards to
workshops and looking for people to host free alternative education
events. well, for the past 6 years i've been facilitator for a pagan
workshop group called akasha. we are a non-profit small local community group
whose aim is to gather those who identify with being pagan, regardless
of tradition, heritage or experience and to facilitate the sharing of
practises, beliefs and skills.

our workshops have ranged from mask-making to deities and myths through
to symbolism and sympathetic magic. they have always been free and
open to all of good intent. they have been held in backrooms of pubs,
which is not really the atmosphere i would like to engender for them but
having no budget it's where is free - sadly we've just been let down by
our regular venue.

and so i'm wondering if you would be interested in a little reciprocal
energy. in exchange for a place for us to hitch our astral wagon we
would be more than delighted to host monthly workshops, open and free to
all (well, maybe a donations tin for the forest rattled at appropriate
times) and we would welcome an opportunity to host some open
discussions or even rituals for seasonal festivals if there was a call for it.

as i say, we've been operating in edinburgh for six years - since
september 2000 actually. and i've been involved in other community
volunteer based projects (gay mens health, pride scotia and beltane fire
society) - we are not a fly by night (either with or without the broomsticks)
operation and we're looking to be able to continue hosting our unique
workshops for at least another year.

please get back to me with your thoughts or ideas and i am more than
willing to arrange a meeting to discuss any concerns you may have.

wishing you all the best in your endeavours

zander bruce

3/ others
Akasha Pagan Workshops once a month, Sunday after noon, at the Forest cafe.


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Post by ravanwin » Thu Feb 01, 2007 10:40 am

it all sound interesting and good. donations are not necessary.

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Post by Shannon » Thu Feb 01, 2007 1:51 pm

Cool, Ras.

Do you know how to post meeting times online? Maybe we can coordinate to get the next meeting more widely publicised?

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