Sound Team Action Day!

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Sound Team Action Day!

Post by nix » Sun Mar 07, 2010 4:16 am


on Saturday 20th March we will have Sound Team Action Day! from 11. in the Hall,

we will fix cables, test equipment and fix it, design the new multi-core and si]ound system lay out in the call.

came and join us!


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Re: Sound Team Action Day!

Post by alexander » Tue Mar 23, 2010 6:09 pm

erk! how'd that go?

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Re: Sound Team Action Day!

Post by nix » Tue Mar 23, 2010 11:46 pm

Sound Team Action Day Report: 20/03/10

it was great!

Owen was rocking the place with the multimeter and Sam was getting down with the soldering iron. Nick and Julie where busy busy sorting out the Sound Area in the Cafe.

we did:
  • Investigate reports that "channel 1 is dodgy" left in the Sound Team communications folder (use it please!)
    found that the mixer is fine, there may have been an intermittent fault with the stage box. seems OK now.
  • Test the jukebox speaker (stage right) in the cafe,
    to find that both cones are blown. we took them down and Nix donated some small black speakers (black speakers where a previous request of the FoH Team)
    we must still test these and mount them!
  • Tested the Vestax DJ Mixer
    - appears fine.
  • Sam made 4 new XLR-XLR cables from re-cycled parts.
  • Owen replaced the driver in one of the Mackie SRM450s that is used in The Cave.
  • and Julie did a great job sorting out the cable spaghetti in the Sound Area, and deserves special Respect or keeping the Sound Team organised and together.
Thing still to be done:
  • manufacture & mount hooks for cables in the Cafe Sound Area and The Hall Sound Area. (Nix & Ken are to do this)
  • make a proper storage area in The Hall.
  • Fix Technics 1210 that is part of the Hire PA. it has a 'Dodgy Shoulder' (Chris knows how to fix it?)
  • source a Drumkit for The Hall. (do you know of or have any spare drum parts, or want to sell some?)
  • Source a Guitar Amp Head for the hall? (as above)
  • Source Record Player Cartridges (two in a wee blue plastic box that was in the Sound Area have walked?)
  • Price up the cost of 6 more long permanent XLR in the hall or a cheap multi-core. (bringing the effective No of channels to 12)
  • Do full inventory and check that all Equipment lists are complete.


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Re: Sound Team Action Day!

Post by Julie » Thu Mar 25, 2010 5:30 pm

Yes, well done all!!
Everyone else - come along to the next sound action day - it will be soon, and we'll do more amazing stuff!

I have a few things to add to the list.. We fixed:

*The speakers in the cafe are now tested, fitted and working! Wall is painted and holes from previous speakers are filled.

*The jukebox can now (once again) be plugged in to the stagebox - use it for showing DVDs and stuff.

*All cables in cafe now have cable ties (pretty please use them!!)

*A microphone was fixed

*All cables on stage are labelled.

*We now have 2 monitors for the stage in the cafe - use them!

*Channel 4 in stagebox is fixed (it was loose)

*1 micstand is fixed (one is still stuck in an odd position: DON'T use gaffa on the bits that have to be moveable!)

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