Visual Arts Working Group minutes thurs 290410

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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Visual Arts Working Group minutes thurs 290410

Post by michaelbowdidge » Thu Apr 29, 2010 8:27 pm

Visual arts working group meeting. Thursday 29th August 2010

Present: Caroline, Soline, Stephen, Iain, Simone, Michael, Mirja.


1. Funding and what we might want it for

Do we want to be supplying artists with a budget? In an ideal world yes – it’s good for closing parties – we haven’t had many recently but on the other side does this open the window for the abuse of the funding? Perhaps set a ceiling on it and see what people ask for? Or do it on a case by case basis? Consensus seems to be that we should do it on a case by case basis with a tacit limit in mind.

It is also possible that the fact that there has been no budget might even have had a positive impact on the standard of shows, as we have attracted some hard working artists despite the lack of funding.

Visual arts working group budget?



Budget for monthly artists exhibitions

Other Projects, e.g. Suitcase Series etc, The Festival


Possible discretionary budget for shows: £600 + £100? + maintenance?

2. What else do we want funding for? Do our timetables coincide with those of funders? Are we actually going to give ourselves more work by going for funding?

Perhaps we should talk to Forest Publishing and see how it works for them? – Michael to email Ryan and/or Aiko about this.

3. Who we might ask

Mirja to undertake a survey of funding ops for the summer? Rolling thread on bb for funding ops?

4. How much we might want to apply for?

To be resolved at another meeting

5. Resources we might need to ease the process.

More high quality images, especially of closing parties.
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