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Posted: Tue May 28, 2013 7:54 am
by mirja
we're gearing up to do things... (you might say, finally),

the massive gallery's going up,

forest life drawing kicking off again,

and some residency fun lined up.

Good time to get involved in things in the mammoth space,


a life model
you want to do it or want to learn how to, heres a nice way:
a couple of hours a week, a meal, and portfolio in the end - learn to do it,
its easy!!

a piano player
to play a jurassic park tune during a residency performance -
i think there are animals, or fake animals involved -

people interested in helping the gallery crew:
simple construction, fresh company,
free coffee. maybe muffins.
This happening on
FRIDAY 31st may

just come along to FC+ 38 Castle terrace, press door bell
( office of gallery)

see you there!!!

to contact us: