FC+ very own theatre costume/dress up room?

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FC+ very own theatre costume/dress up room?

Post by Margarida » Tue Jun 10, 2014 4:43 pm


via my friend Alessandra:

Alessandra has one warehouse full of theatre costumes/accessories that she needs to move and she's looking for a space asap where to keep them and sort them out.

In any case, with her paid membership - not asking for a freebie or anything - she would also be (this is the very exciting bit) wanting to donate a good part of it to Forest, ideally setting up some sort of FC+ members free rental of costumes.

Dimensions wise, from what she told me, something like 10m2 would be ideal.

She's interested in having them at Argyle House and I think might have tried to reach fc+ this weekend but it's all very last minute. The catch is there: she needs to move them this Thursday and needs to confirm a space now.

What do you think? Could FC+ find a space for her in exchange for setting up our very own dress up room?

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Re: FC+ very own theatre costume/dress up room?

Post by Stephen » Tue Jun 10, 2014 9:23 pm

I did talk to her already,

Been a bit busy to properly deal with this but we just do not have that size a space.

I did say we had a small room that she could store things in but it is not big enough she said.

I apologised but I am not sure where she could put them 10 X 10 is a massive space and the cost would be at least £200 a month for such a space.

I just don't we can hep other than offer a small temporary space. I know it seems crazy to think Argyll has no space but it is true. The only option would be to give up the rehearsal space which can bring in up to £400 a month. This may be an option but she would have to supply all rails and fittings as well as help build a temporary divider so we could still use half the room. The last thing I want is a room twice the size she needs with costumes piled on the floor.

I am going to try to arrange to meet her this week but I am on a double sleepover until tomorrow at 3.

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Re: FC+ very own theatre costume/dress up room?

Post by mirja » Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:38 pm

This thing now resolved, she is happy to move the costume library to the closets behind the FC+ future theatre space and is already offering the costumes for Adrian's theatre troup. perfect.

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