Building meeting minutes from 11 November

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Building meeting minutes from 11 November

Post by katymac » Sun Nov 17, 2013 6:10 pm

Existing building warrant -
going to have a small group meet up to do the response to the council.

Given ourselves a deadline of the end of November.

Opening the basement

Fire alarm, incl light indicator as well as sound.
Fireproof stairwell.

Ventilation - katy will get full quote, indicative cost £5,000.


Second toilet.

Made pretty.

Further building warrant application.

Katy and Stevie will talk to Liam about getting student architect help.
We need a team who can work on this.

Kitchen redesign

Stevie has drawn some plans. These will be the plans unless anyone else wants to make some. We need a team who would like to work on this, including construction, preferably at FC plus to minimise closed days.

Exciting times x

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