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tuesdays 3-6

Post by simone » Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:50 am

hi all

thanks for all you help with foop. it's been doing pretty well recently thanks to you.

ben has started opening on a tuesday 3-6 as well, and this seems to be popular, however he is away for 2 weeks so if anyone else is able to open it up then that would be great.

could i just remind you that at the end of shift please count money taken, remove float and leave in box (£25) and give the rest to the kitchen manager to put in the safe for us. it's just so that it is all ready for the next person, any mistakes can be found there and then as harder to find them a week later, and also so we do not have too much money in the tin should it get stolen.

i keep meaning to do some instruction sheets but not got round to it yet so apologies.
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