What They Could Do, They Did

Forest is people. People is you. You is us.
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What They Could Do, They Did

Post by adhoc » Fri Dec 22, 2006 2:12 pm

hello there,

dan here, you might remember me from such illustrious shows as "What They Could Do, They Did" of july 2006. we've all been talking wistfully of the forest in months since, with growing excitement at the second edition planned for the first week of next year's festival.

after my whistlestop visit the other week, i figured i should say hello here at long last, and will mention this bb to some of the others to expand the circle of communication. undoubtedly lots to talk about before summer.

in the meantime, we've now produced an archive of the 2006 wtcd including live mp3s, a printable copy of the magazine, and a bunch of photos of the splendid-looking forest.

also, for those who may be interested, our amorphous web oftentimes keep in touch via khankah, our own little open-source [soon] online home. we're using as a starting point for a lot of blossoming projects, and it's of course open for all to come and play...

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Post by ravanwin » Fri Dec 22, 2006 3:17 pm

the site looks great guys.

hope to see you all soon. i saw tom today and passed him some info on the forest £300 grant.

check this link and pass it on to all who may be interested:
http://www.theforest.org.uk/index.php?o ... Itemid=217

Roll on august!

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