Any small local charitys want a free website?

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Any small local charitys want a free website?

Post by James » Wed Dec 19, 2007 4:57 pm

At my paid job, I am working on developing a content management system that allows users with little or no technical knowledge to keep an advanced website up to date. The firm are Search Engine Optimisation specialists, so it includes several features to help with this too.

We are looking for people to use the site and offer full feedback on how powerful they found it and how easy they found it to use.

So we thought we would kill two birds with one stone and see if any small local charities want a free website? You get it for free, we get some helpful feedback to help us develop it, hopefully we're both happy.

If your interested, PM me. I won't be looking at this properly till after the new year, so no rush mind.

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