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Posted by: "vcs_contact" vcs_contact
Thu Dec 20, 2007 8:20 am (PST)
*URGENT NEED PARTNERS FROM EU* *Dear friends and partners,*
* *
*Volunteers Centre Skopje has URGENT need of EU partners for Youth
which will take place in Struga. Macedonia from 5th till 15th January
Title of project: *Youth Exchange **�Vevcani , centuries of tradition ,
second edition 2008!**� *The project will take place in Struga,
from 5th of January till 15 of January 2008.
*-Group size is 10 participants (5 M + 5 F) + one leader
-Group age is 18-25 years. Two or three of the participant together
with the
leader can be on the age from 25 to 30 years old !
-Travel cost; please find the cheapest possible transport, you can use
maximum 400 euro per person from which you will get reimbursement 70% of
your travel cost .
Please write me as soon as possible and confirm me if your organization or
group can participate on the Exchange and that you can find group in this
period for the exchange ,and please fill the PART III and send as by
fax(+38922772095) or canned by mail vcs_cont...@
*In the attachment you will find more information about the project
and the
*Thank you in advance
Best wishes and looking forward to meet you in Macedonia :)
Summary of your project
The Carnival of Vevcani, with a tradition older than 1.400 years, is
an interesting mix of paganism and modernism. It is held on 13 and 14
January (on the eve of and at the first day of the New Year, according
to the orthodox calendar). The main characteristics of the carnival
are: archaism, secretiveness and improvisation. According to its
specific features, it differs from all other carnivals in the world.
The arena of the carnival events is the whole village of Vevcani ,
which turns in a theatre of its kind during the carnival, where every
house and every street is a scene where the disguised people perform
their plays like real actors. After the beautiful experience in 2007
we are organizing for the second time a Youth Exchange on the topic of
Vevcani Carneval. "Vevcani , centuries of tradition , second edition
2008!" - will be organized not only to take part in the carnival but
as well to work on a photo exhibition after the event, representing
the highlights of the event and the exchange.
The main aim of our project is to include young people from all around
Europe in this centuries old tradition and to integrate young people
in most of the activities. Intercultural learning is the main
objective that we would like to reach. We believe that working in so
diverse environment such as Macedonia and even more working on this
topic will be a great experience for the participants.
From the experience that we had last year as an organizing team we are
very enthusiastic that this year it will be far more interesting and
lot of more intercultural and interactive experience. From 5 partners
last year this year we have 6 partners, out of which 5 are new ones.
Last year the main aim of the project was that young people are
working on the project and on the end they presented their mask at the
This year we will have more diverse tasks. There will be a group
responsible for preparing a mask for the carnival, there will be a
group of photo reporters, there will be also a national presentation
The partners from last year have made their presentations about the
project and this year it was much easier to find partners who would
like to join in the second edition of our project.
The young people will be working in a very open environment with
methods and techniques carefully chosen to suit them. The methods used
will be facilitating the process of non-formal education of young
people. During the project the young people will be responsible for
different activities. As leaders we will try to give more
responsibilities to the youngsters during the project. As part of
sharing tasks there will be a meeting with local young people, meeting
so called “maalski groups” which are preparing different burlesque
and masks for the carnival day. It is important here to share that
there are different groups that are preparing for the carnival long
time. They are preparing masks, theatre plays, comics and etc.

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