Installing Ubuntu

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Installing Ubuntu

Post by chombee » Sat Jan 05, 2008 11:11 pm

When setting up Cherry today I got the same problem as we keep having with these old computers ... you burn a brand new install CD and verify it and yet the installer still finds files it can't read.

How did you guys install all the others anyway?

What I did was install a text-only system with the 'alternate' install CD, which worked, and from there did a

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sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

to install the rest of the system from the same alternate CD. This had IO errors, but re-tried and got the files. Even if it completely fails you can run it again and it'll reuse the files it did get from the cache, Apt seems to be more robust than the installer. Worth remembering.

There is also an Ubuntu 'Minimal CD' on the wiki, a 20MB image which installs the minimum possible off the CD and gets the rest from the Internet.

Or you can do a PXE install, where one of the machines on our network acts as a file server for the install. This looks a little complicated though.

I kinda think we want to have some nice way of pushing our custom modifications to all of our machines at once.
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