Free FOREST WORKSHOPS: An Updated Schedual.

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Free FOREST WORKSHOPS: An Updated Schedual.

Post by ravanwin » Mon Jan 14, 2008 3:57 pm

As you know the Forest offers FREE workshops to those who want to learn / share new skills. You, by all means, are encouraged to take part. Further, if you would like help in organizing a workshop - let us know. We'd love to help.

All workshops are free and open to all members of the public

The Forest provides a variety of workshops covering many art and cultural areas.
Currently there are 13 different workshops. Please see below for more details, times and places, and contacts.

* Sevillanas Flamenco Dance Classes (NEW WORKSHOP!)
* Alt-Drama Workshop (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BLOG)
* The Music Jam Workshop
* The Forest Choir
* The Happy Hookers: Crochet Workshop
* English as a Second Language Workshop

See Below for Details and Meeting Times:

from the words the songs come,
from the lines a play
and from meditation the peace...


Sevillan / Flamenco Dance Classes
Every Wednesday evening 5.30 - 7pm
Would you like to learn Sevillan and Flamenco dance?
Do no think you cannot! Come and try!
You'll love it! Open to all. FREE FREE
Meet Upstairs in Forest UP.
Any questions or concerns Contact Laura
laurixtrianix@hotmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Alt-Drama Workshops
Every Tuesday 9.30pm - Midnight
Meet In Forest UP! - The church hall above forest.
Writer's Actors and Performers of all types
are encouraged to come and participate.
We will make your dream play a reality.
Get practice in acting in front of a warm
and welcoming community of professionals and amateurs.
From 9.30pm
Contact: Ras Babi
see the blog at

The Music Jam Workshop
Every Thursday From 10pm - Midnight.
In the Cave Studio (Forest Basement)
From 10.00pm
Come and meet other musicians working
in your community. All skill levels are welcome
but you must have an open mind and be willing
to try new things with new people. Bring an instrument
or just your voice, words or hands. We play beat poetry
funk, rock, reggae, and other types of sonic experiments
beyond classifications. You will enjoy it!
Contact: Ras Babi
see the blog at

The Forest Choir
Every Tuesday: 7pm - 9pm
Meet In Forest UP! - The church hall above forest.

The Forest Choir is an open and free singing group

that anyone can join! Just bring your voice and a willingness

to sound out. No experience of singing or reading music

is necessary. Make new friends, sing songs, go on tour,

do live performances in diverse settings. All welcome!

The Happy Hookers: Crochet Workshop

Every Thursday at 7pm

Meet in The Forest Art Gallery (Ground Floor)

Learn to use your hooks on balls and balls of

yarn and wool. Make a scarf for that special someone

or maybe a pair of baby socks for your newborn!

Anything is possible when you settle down for a glass

of wine and get your hooks a' clangin'. If you have always

wanted to crochet but have been too afraid and intimidated:


English as a Second Language Workshop:


First Meeting: Thursday 17th January.

7:30 PM.
Meet: In Forest Cafe
English can be confusing, but it can also be beautifully expressive. For
less confusion and more beauty come along to this FREE WORKSHOP.
Bring a pen and notebook. Workshops will happen once a week once we
decide on a regular day and time. Watch this space for details.
Contact Duncan:
duncanmacmillan AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

All workshops are free and open to all members of the public

We welcome offers from people willing to share their knowledge, talent and skills with other members of the community. If you would like to run a workshop please contact Ras.

for more information about joining or running a workshop please write to Ras Babi

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