plug: The Declining Winter ('ex'-Hood) at Stills on the 23rd

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plug: The Declining Winter ('ex'-Hood) at Stills on the 23rd

Post by emily » Mon May 12, 2008 11:57 am


Tracer Trails have another posthumous gig coming up. Maybe it'll be of interest to some Forest folk? I hope so.

We don't have a poster yet so I'll just paste some info:

On Friday, May 23rd,
Tracer Trails present

The Declining Winter
+ guests tbc

@ Stills Gallery (Cockburn Street)
from 7pm
tickets £4 on the door / cheap beer!

Tracer Trails are delighted to present The Declining Winter - the new musical project of Hood’s Richard Adams. Taking a day off from their mini-tour with ambient maestros Stars of the Lid, Adams et al visit Edinburgh to let us know about their new album, ‘Goodbye Minnesota’: an evolution of Hood’s very (northern) English electronic shoegaze, weirder than before, more claustrophobic.... Do you like Low? Do you, perhaps, like eagleowl? Then this is almost certainly for you.

The album has so far been made pick of the week at both Boomkat and Norman Records:

"From the opening of 'Summer Turns To Hurt' there's an instantly recognisable waft of that classic Hood sound .... but it seems so much more decrepit and weary (in a good way, you understand) than any recent emissions by the band, instead harking back to the ramshackle, rustic sounds of their classic form. Whispered, frail vocals disperse amongst the roomy, acoustic productions, casting a tangible sense of gloom (again, in a good way) over these subtle and melancholy songs. Over the course of this record you can hear elements of abstract hip hop mingling with weird plug-in experiments and a kind of primitive, unplugged approach to shoegaze, and then, just when you think you've got the album pegged, you'll hear something like 'Last Train To Mapel Grove', which is every bit as lonesome and dejected as its title suggests, calling upon sepia tone string samples in a fashion that recalls the finest L. Pierre recordings. The further you stray into Goodbye Minnesota, the better it seems to get .... it becomes pretty clear that you're in the presence of a quietly very special, very memorable album. Essential Purchase." (

I'll update this once the supports are confirmed.

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