URGENT - take action to save our building!

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URGENT - take action to save our building!

Post by scoutwinter » Wed Nov 24, 2010 4:22 pm

Take action to save a vital Edinburgh community space!

Eidyn Architects have put in an application for building permission to convert the building currently housing The Forest (3 Bristo Pl, EH1 1EY) into 10 HMO bedsits and 3 private flats. If they are granted permission to go ahead with their plans, The Forest would have to move, Edinburgh will lose one of its vital community spaces, and access to this heritage listed building will be private only. Under this plan, the Church Hall upstairs will be converted into flats with the organ and pulpit – original to the building – lost.

we only have until 3rd December to make as many objections to this application as possible


we can object to this proposal in 3 ways

FIRST: visit this website (Edinburgh Council Planning Portal) (http://citydev-portal.edinburgh.gov.uk/ ... hform.aspx)
and type in this application number: 10/03229/lbc.
Make a comment, including these important points:
1. That the conversion of a community space that is accessible to people of lower incomes to private flats adversely affects the character and vitality of Edinburgh City Centre.
Refer to Edinburgh City Local Plan, p71 (Policy Com 1): “Development involving the loss of valuable local community facilities without replacement will not be allowed, unless appropriate alternative provision is to be made”
(p71) “6.39 Facilities such as local doctor and dental surgeries, local shops, community halls and meeting rooms are necessary to foster community life. Equally, the Council will seek to retain facilities of proven value, if threatened by redevelopment proposals without prospect of replacement.”

2. That this application is in contradiction to the City's stated aims of creating a diverse city centre, as declared in “Chapter 10 – City Regeneration: Objectives” of the Edinburgh City Local Plan (p135) and again on p136 in Policy Ca 1:
Development in the central area will be permitted which maintains and enhances the character, attractiveness, vitality and accessibility of the city centre and contributes to its role as the regional service centre and Edinburgh’s role as a capital city. The requirements in principle will be for:
a) comprehensively designed proposals which maximise the potential of the site in accordance with any relevant site development brief and/or other guidance
b) a use or a mix of uses appropriate to the location of the site, its accessibility characteristics and the character of the surrounding area

3. Arguments in favour of rejecting the proposed plan based on the status of the building as grade B listed (rejection of the Listed Building Consent):
Number 3 Bristo Place is a Category B Listed Building. This means that the exterior and interior of the building are protected on the recommendation of Historic Scotland. For more information on Number 3's listing, follow this link: http://www.historic-scotland.gov.uk/ind ... ldings.htm

SECOND: call or visit your local councillor and ask them to reject Listed Building Consent Application 10/03229/lbc
Relevant Council Members for City Centre:
1.Cllr Charles C Dundas (LBD) http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/councillors ... les_dundas Surgery times: Central Library George IV Bridge 3rd Wednesday 6:00pm - 7:00pm
charles.dundas@edinburgh.gov.uk Tel: 0131 529 3282
2.Cllr David Beckett (SNP) http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/councillors ... id_beckett Surgery times: Tollcross Community Centre, 1st Monday, 6:00pm
Central Library, 1st Thursday, 6:00pm
South Bridge Resource Centre, 2nd Thursday 6:00pm
St Mary's (London Street) Primary School, 3rd Wednesday (during school term) 6:00pm
Abbeyhill Primary School, 4th Wednesday (during school term) 6:00pm
david.beckett@edinburgh.gov.uk Tel: 0131 529 3271
3.Cllr Joanna Mowat (CON) http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/councillors/42/joanna_mowat Surgery times: Central Library 2nd Tuesday 6:30pm joanna.mowat@edinburgh.gov.uk Tel: 0131 529 4077

THIRD: send a letter to Eidyn Architects asking them to withdraw their proposal:
14 Picardy Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3JT

Thanks for taking this time to help keep 3 Bristo Place a community space!

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Re: URGENT - take action to save our building!

Post by cornelia » Thu Nov 25, 2010 9:54 am

tack och hej leverpastej

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Re: URGENT - take action to save our building!

Post by mirja » Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:06 am

great, cornelia!!


This is the first tangible date we have that can change our situation drastically!
( 17th DECEMBER- last day of public appeals! not 3rd)

If this application succeeds, the evaluation of the building goes through the roof. That changes everything for us.

If it gets rejected, it sends a clear message to the developers that this building comes with serious restrictions, and that the city means what it says about conservation. It will also keep the commercial bidding down.

With the hotel du vin building project application, a case was made by the community against change of its character, however that case was lost. But that building was not listed.

3 Bristo Place is a B LISTED BUILDING, meaning it is SPECIAL, protected both INSIDE AND OUTSIDE.
The developers application type is called LISTED BUILDING CONSENT.
We should have a strong case against it.

Our building was listed on 16th august 2000, its an example of Scots Renaissance architecture.( Sydney Mitchell and Wilson, 1899-1900)
-Details of the church hall:
L-plan galleries; vaulted roof with Tudor-arched ribs; modillioned cornice; decorative corbels to ribs; tiered galleries with bracketed timber front; 2 Tudor arches and mutual column to upper side aisle; later glazed screen to lower side aisle; boarded dado. Pilastered pulpit with arched and corniced wall panel behind. Timber pews. Boxed immersion pool. Pipe organ to main gallery (Gray and Davidson, 1900).

The plans include changing the hall into 2 floors of apartments.

The absolute last day to comment on this case is 17th DECEMBER.

WE NEED TO DO ALL THE ABOVE listed by scout,
This can be done:

- on the website directly,
http://citydev-portal.edinburgh.gov.uk/ ... &module=P3
press the button "submit comments"

-by sending a letter to the planning office:
Planning & Strategy
City Development
The City of Edinburgh Council
Business Centre G2
Waverley Court
4 East Market Street
Edinburgh EH8 8BG

-or directly emailing the case officer Stephen Dickson:

lets do it, and urgently spread the word!

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Re: URGENT - take action to save our building!

Post by mirka » Thu Nov 25, 2010 5:27 pm

Hey, I posted an online ofjection. Will send paper letters during next day :P

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Re: URGENT - take action to save our building!

Post by mirka » Fri Nov 26, 2010 3:21 pm

Just got teh reply on my objection from Stephen Dickson regarding the Aiden Architects application:

Thank you

as it happens, it has now become somewhat redundant as the application has just been withdrawn (5 minutes ago)


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Re: URGENT - take action to save our building!

Post by mirja » Fri Nov 26, 2010 3:25 pm


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Re: URGENT - take action to save our building!

Post by swithun » Fri Nov 26, 2010 3:59 pm

Looks like they fucked with the wrong trustifarians. Awesome work, dudes.

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Re: URGENT - take action to save our building!

Post by ChaoticReality » Fri Nov 26, 2010 4:24 pm

fuck yeah!

Dawnsio 'mlaen i'r gwres prynhawn a rwy'n addo erbyn yfori byddai wedi mynd, hwyl fawr i pawb, hwyl fawr i pawb...

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