sunday sit and knit a bit

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sunday sit and knit a bit

Post by simone » Fri Jan 21, 2011 11:44 am

some of you may have heard of a project for international women's day called sit and knit a bit

It is estimated that 100 million women are missing from the world today for reasons which can fall under the title of gender discrimination.
We are trying to provoke Scotland into asking questions regarding women in 2011 by collectively knitting between 60 and 100 million stitches to exhibit as a beautiful and poignant centre piece to loop.


on SUNDAY 23rd January from 1pm i shall be sitting in the forest knitting squares and invite you to join me.
i have some wool and needles but feel free to bring some or donate any unwanted wool you may have

hope to see you there

for more info:
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