48hr filmhunt THIS WEEKEND! Get involved. Do something. xx

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48hr filmhunt THIS WEEKEND! Get involved. Do something. xx

Post by RachelMcCrum » Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:01 pm

Hey vagabonds & ruffians all,

For your delight + wonderment + energy this weekend - a 48 hour filmhunt from Forest and Word of Mouth cafe.

1. You make a team (or you could do it on your own. Maybe you're the mysterious auteur type. Flying solo, making genius)

2. You sign up at projects@forest.org.uk, or you come to WORD OF MOUTH cafe, Leith for 6pm on Friday 14th October.

3.You get given a location and the filmhunt genre.

4. At some point over the intervening 48 hours, you make a 5 - 10 minute film. However you wanna.

5. You submit your film by 6pm Sunday 16th October at Word of Mouth. We have a screening for the entertainment & delight of all.


All details HERE: http://blog.theforest.org.uk/post/11057 ... e-the-next

Sign up...get inspired...get no sleep...do something...

'I will meet you at Up-To-No-Good.'

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