Would you like to take part in the Exploading Car Walk?

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Would you like to take part in the Exploading Car Walk?

Post by Margarida » Sun Aug 05, 2012 11:34 pm


Friday 10th seems like the big day and it's time to think...BIG. And Forest needs YOU for the greatest walking delirium the creative desert has led us to!

From Bristo to Disco will clutter the festival coronary pavement with a fiery procession leaving from Bristo Pl 3 (Forest's former home) to our new home in Tollcross. Leading our steps to a new age of community art and soul sparkle at the core of the burgh will be the never sold last bottle of Exploading Car, Forest's old own much cherished brew.
Following will be you and your own brew of present and future plans, projects and creativity that Forest eagerly awaits!

For this and because it's time to celebrate all the things we love about Forest, here it is.

Meet outside Bristo Pl 3 at 6.45 on Friday 10th (start at 7, going through the Meadows and down Brougham St to Tollcross). In there, we will be welcomed by so much music, so much dancing.

But there's more. Do you hula-hoop? Play with fire? Play an instrument? Love a bit of fancy dress? Here's what this procession totally absolutely irrefutably needs:

1. Cake. Bake a cake and let's share it everyone on our way. The more, the sweeter.
2. Two people dressed as mimes.
3. Exploading Cars. Do you have a bottle at home? Bring it. Exploading Pride.
4. Your best friend. Dogs. With hats and party collars.
5. Human canvas. Get a friend, dress him in white. Get some paint. You get the general idea.
6. Lights. Torchlights. Or candles. Remember the candles? We love candles.
7. Hula hoop. Do you hula hoop? Whoop-a-doop. Bring your neon one! It's from Bristo to Disco.
8. Belly dancers. We love you. Dance with us.
9. Instruments. We like instruments and we like it even more when you play them. Bring them and let's fill our way with music.
10. One olympic runner. Nudity highly suggested.
11. Ukelele army. Gather your fellow ukelele soldiers and let's uke the boogie out of this walk.
12. Animal suits. It's time to bring out that panda costume. Dust off the tiger suit and get your wolf hat ready. Bring comfy shoes because you'll be shaking that tail to dawn.
13. Bikes. Brief stop for cycle bell solo in the Meadows. Oh yeah.
14. Silly hats, silly moustaches, silly glasses. Even better if all at the same time.
15. Primary colour outfits. Cyan shirt, cyan leggings, cyan shoes. Because we love the Forest flyers.
16. Signs. Make a big cardboard sign with your favourite Forest slogan.
17. And everything else. These are suggestions. Dreams. A Forest carnival. A surreal celebration. Bring your fancy dress, your bicycle helmet or your I ♥ Forest badge. Most importantly bring yourself no matter what. Walk with us. Celebrate with us.

See you there?
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