Auditions at Forest 24 November 10am-noon

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Auditions at Forest 24 November 10am-noon

Post by swithun » Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:29 pm

This just in, from Claudia Marinaro:

We’re looking for four actors (two girls, two boys) to take part in an original YouTube series. The series, Debut, is made of seven episodes, around ten minutes each. It follows the story of a girl called Natalie, who writes a play about her abruptly ended relationship and ends up falling in love with her lead actor.
We’re not professionals, so I’m afraid we won’t be able to pay the actors BUT we promise it will be a lot of fun, especially because the script is not set in stone and the actors will be encouraged to collaborate with the director to improvise new scenes and be an active part of the creative process.
Filming will happen almost exclusively during the weekends and it will take a couple of months. While a scene needs to be filmed at the Christmas market, and thus it will need to be filmed around the end of November/beginning of December, the rest will start after Christmas break. The idea is having everything filmed between January and spring break.
Here’s the roles for which we’re looking actors:

Natalie (early 20s)
She receives a hard blow in the first episode, when her boyfriend breaks up with her. Throughout the series, as she writes and develops a play about her relationship, she acquires more self-confidence. A fragile girl, we see her becoming stronger every episode. She is a very close to her flatmate Andy. As Natalie is the protagonist of the series, the actress who will play her will need to be available for almost every shooting. This is the most demanding role, time wise.

Phil (20s)
Natalie’s ex. He breaks up with her in the first episode and will only appear in a couple of scenes in the whole series. Even though he comes across as a pretentious, shallow character, there’s a degree of complexity and hesitancy to him that Natalie failed to see (hence her surprise at the break up). He wants to be a writer, and is so absorbed in his ambition that he often forgets to consider other people’s feelings.

Guy (early 20s)
The lead actor in Natalie’s play. We see him both playing the character in Natalie’s play and being himself, a student in his last year of university with a passion for acting. He’s sensitive and kind, but something about him reminds Natalie of Phil. Thus, even though Guy likes Natalie from the beginning, she is very hesitant at first. Their relationship develops throughout the series.

Christina (early 20s)
The lead actress in Natalie’s play. A very conflicted character, she is a good actress but she is not very good at collaborating with Natalie and Guy, and toward the end she messes up. Sweet, but selfish and confused.

Auditions will be held in Forest Café (141 Lauriston Place) on Saturday 24th November, from 10 to 12 am. Audition pieces will be provided, you won’t need to come with anything prepared. To book an audition, please write at If need be, another date will be set for auditions, which will be communicated later on.

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