I'd like to make a civilised customer complaint

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I'd like to make a civilised customer complaint

Post by stuart » Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:14 pm

A rant about the death of culture/imminent HMV closure.

It comes off the back of Virgin record stores closing down, now HMV looks set to go into admin. The UKs biggest record store/games chain is closing because it can't compete with the availability of music on the internet/online sales. The internet is really going to start to hit the high street hard now so this is probably only the start.

Anyway, everyone is up in arms and complaining about it, forgetting of course that it's only recently our high streets have been spammed with rampant consumerism. So what if your local high street is becoming a ghost town, why not open up a cafe/social centre of some kind in one of the vacant premises? Like oh let's see a record store/bar where you can go to listen to live music promotion events/album premiers, get a little bit drunk/stoned/happy maybe and then who knows you might actually love the new album so much that you can't wait to get your hands on a copy? Oh look there's a lovely limited edition gatefold sleeve that's on one time special offer for £10 and if you buy it today you get a half priced t-shirt and A SPECIAL CODE THAT ALLOWS YOU TO GET FIRST SHOUT ON TICKETS FOR THE UPCOMING TOUR!

How does that sound for an idea? Too much people having a good time and actually enjoying themselves. Maybe The Forest should takeover the empty HMV on Princes Street, like I can see the council going for that. Oh yea let's have a bunch of anarchist on drugs hanging around staggering in front buses and causing mayhem and destruction.

I don't think it is so much internet that is closing down our high streets, the government and their nanny state health & safety laws!


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