Web savvy person required

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Web savvy person required

Post by stuart » Wed Feb 19, 2014 10:08 pm

Anyone out there who is brilliant at designing websites?

I'm looking to make a website for myself and for a project I have in mind, and any attempt on my part thus far to create something has ended up as little more than a glorified pdf file. I haven't got a clue about all the code, dreamweaver is a bit limited and I don't own a copy of Adobe Muse. I'm looking for something that is compatible across the myriad of devices and browsers there are these days.

Last quote I got from a professional was about half a bag of sand, so I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in assisting me with this, for a more modest reimbursement or donation to the forest?

I have an idea for a project/exhibition that I just started punting round today that would be probably for next year, and I would be possibly looking to use your art space for this as well. I have corresponded today with two bands who have expressed a great deal of interest in it, however I cannot say any more about it at the moment. I would possibly be looking to involve The Forest as I will probably need help from others with expertise in certain areas. If i can pull it together it would be a major event that would potentially raise a lot of money for charity, maybe even the forest. I don't know about yet if that if it would be possible. In any case it would be a great opportunity for publicity for the forest.

This is all in the early stages of development and may never see the light of day, however I don't see why not. The internet is there and so is the opportunity to collaborate with all kinds of people.

I need a website though. I had another record company/band showing interest but they pulled out saying my pitch was wrong and I needed a website. I disagree partially, the website will not be required until later in the year, however they might have a point. It might help.

If anyone is interested in discussing this further then drop me a PM.

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