Opening Fri 7.7.06

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Opening Fri 7.7.06

Post by JoJo » Sat Jul 08, 2006 9:58 pm

:P Hello Please !

Last night seemed to go down well. I was really pleased with the turnout and the quality of the work that was on show.

New peoples came by and sampled the delicacies of the cafe and the dj booth.

The artists involved were really impressed with everything, apart from a savage attack on 3 of Amys drawing by a suspiciously, highly dexterous 3yr old, hmmm.... (Although Amy wasnt so bummed, as she realised the risk in displaying unframed work in a non-traditional gallery setting).

I am going to put some signs up asking people to be respectful of the art work, so please be on the look out for mini-wanna-be-picassos or general assholes fucking about with the stuff, (unless its meant to be fucked about with).

If i find anyone doing shit like that in the gallery, Ima gonna get medieval on their sorry asses.


Also, Im going to buy the cabinet, from Lianne, it was £35. It will be dead good for future gubbins. The forest can buy it from me, if they want to, when it is not poor. X

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Post by ravanwin » Sun Jul 09, 2006 1:45 am

i heard the rumors of the chile. I will investigate and try to find the mother or father and try to get them to feel bad / pay money. there are not too too many kids in these days with a highlighter pen. sorry about it though.

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