belated minutes from golden hour meeting on Tuesday 1st May

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belated minutes from golden hour meeting on Tuesday 1st May

Post by monkey nuts » Tue May 15, 2007 11:30 am

Yeah, I suck. Always will. The meeting took place in the pub where we were sad and happy. It didn't take long. This will be brief.

1. Material- Everyone should take a look at the content and, for want of a better method, rate it out of 10- or maybe just a yes/no. No editing needed as yet. ACTION- Nick will send out a master document of everything submitted so far.

2. Introduction- Danielle has thrown up her hands and shrieked at the prospect of writing this. ACTION: ason has very manfully agreed to squeeze his feet in her shoes.

3. ISBN. It was unfairly decided that Ben should do this because he has always been gifted when it comes to forms. ACTION: Please Ben. We're sorry.

4. Submit poster. Done. Sort of. Needs some font/layout attention.

5. CD. Should be in a clear plastic wallet on the back cover. Details about the artists (1-2 pages worth) should also be there.

6. Cover- should be black and white with one other colour.

7. Venue for lanuch- Danielle spoke to Alan Jamieson, who suggested a venue and for some reason that escapes me I have written "Jennie Renton" next to the name of the venue which I also cannot read. This is what comes of sucking.

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