darkroom/ cafe issue

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darkroom/ cafe issue

Post by brittonie » Fri Dec 17, 2010 5:31 pm

hey guys.

1: darkroom keys went missing last night post 5pm. (thursday)

2: 6pounds that was paid for darkroom rental also MIA
i looked in the log book- i don't know who signed off on payment, and there's only a check
I need people to write legibly so i can ask them when there's an issue.
I also need the monetary value to be written down Ie HOW MUCH THEY PAID
This money should go in the folder until i can get a lock box.- purple plastic envelope

3: Criss Palmer has a set of darkroom keys, i didn't know more needed to be made for the office and other places- please get some made from him. I have no money so i can't make copies. Someone should have contacted he and I when the keys went missing.

4. There are no free darkroom slots after this week, they will resume Jan 7 2011.
people only get 1 free slot per week up to 4 hours max. This time cannot be divided up into several slots. They can use it to its full potential. If they don't, they still NEED TO PAY the next time they come in. These slots are only for people in the Intro Black and White class, and the class will be finished the last week of Jan.

4. In the even of darkroom issues, please contact me- i am sort of trying to keep things organized. But i was the last person to know when it flooded and when keys go missing- or other issues. Call 0758 375 4472 - it's in the darkroom folder in the drawer... or email or message me on one of the millions of interweb dealies. Please.

Thanks <3 b
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