Volly Meeting (Sun5thJuly) CANCELLED

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Volly Meeting (Sun5thJuly) CANCELLED

Post by mina vacant » Sat Jul 04, 2009 11:44 pm

Sorry Folks...

The Volly Meeting tomorrow (Sun 5th) will have to be postponed since the cafe refurbishment has taken considerably longer than expected and it has to be the forest's priority to get the place up and running again as soon as possible. Every day the cafe is closed we lose money, and the less money we have the less cool shit we can do (cos then we struggle with bills, etc, NOT because cool shit intrinsically costs money)!

Anyhoo, I'm waffling. It's been a loooooong day/week.

Once we're back up and running I reckon we can get more people to the meeting as well, so doubly good. I will send out another post regarding this (new date, etc) once we're properly back on our feet.

In place of the meeting tomorrow, if any of you have even half an hour to spare tomorrow evening to help clean and tidy the place ready for reopening on Monday PLEASE PLEASE come along. It would really help make finishing up a lot easier for those who have been at the forest pretty much solidly since last Sunday workin their butts off to make the place nice. Plus, it's fun. And we can all stand about at the end of it and pat ourselves and each other on the back and appreciate how beautiful it all is! Yay!

Hope to see you tomorrow then, though not for the meeting.
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