visual arts 20/12/2007

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visual arts 20/12/2007

Post by stephengoodall » Thu Dec 27, 2007 6:26 pm

presentingt: me, Martin, Mike

- EAF/ Festival program-

the Edinburgh Art Festival are starting to get the ball rolling for this August.
It would be good to try and start figuring out what we are going to have on so that we can make it really good. this is esp. important since this may well be our last festival in this location.

-should we just put on artists as normal or curate a themed event that runs the length of the fest? should we invite artists to participate, call for submissions or curate the space ourselves?

I am to begin a thread in the VA forum to get discussion and ideas rolling.

-The end of the current show(TKXMAXXX)-
we are going to move the freeshop back out of the gallery space in the first week of january. -probably starting the 3rd. This would be a god time to spruce up the gallery - give it a new coat of paint as well as clear out those cupboards and paint the shelf in gloss and varnish to prevent dirtification.

However--- John Robertson may be painting the walls for his show in feb so it may not be worth painting them only to have them painted olive green a month later. Clarification on what J.R is doing may help- as he originally said he was going to put floating walls in.

the debate about gallery doors continues without resolution.


we could probably do better and getting the word out about exhibitions and the open submissions policy.
-get the listings- get the deadlines, get the methods
-find more places for free listings.

-promote trhe mailing list
-harvest visiting emails
- organise poster runs to get both upcoming shows and adverts for the space out- espescially the latter to any artist's studios we know of.

I am to write a quick blurb so that it can be sent out with oppertunity newsletters that mike knows.

-The Book-

gaz has been in touch with aaron who would like to produce a book chronicleing the TotalKunst projects. aaromn proposes to set up a steering group for those interested in being involved to discuss funding and content etc. we will meet him in late january hopefully.

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